Saturday, January 19, 2013

Mama (2013)

There was a time early in my horror fandom when I would go out to the theater to see a horror movie just because it was coming out. But then I learned that a new horror movie (especially if you count thrillers) comes out literally every other week, all throughout the year, so now a movie has to capture my attention for me to expend the energy to go out and see it in the theater.

Well, I saw the trailer for Mama, and a rare occasion occurred - it actually looked scary! Plus, I'm fascinated by the subject of feral children - children close to nature, raised free from the indoctrination of modern society - so I thought this would be a great movie to catch.

I have to say that, regretfully, the movie did not live up entirely to my expectations. It was not bad, by any means, but what I was expecting was something original and terrifying. What I got was a movie too dependent on jump scares and on again off again CGI. There were too many cliches, and the plot was far too contrived.

(Why is it that everytime someone decides to explore the woods in this movie, it's just about to get dark? Can't these people plan their wilderness excursions better?)

Anyway, the one saving grace is the young Megan Charpentier, playing the older of the two part-time feral children, who is fantastic in this movie. If she plays her cards right, she could be the next big thing - if she wants to. One other thing I can say about this movie is that it has a satisfying conclusion - which is not at all the same thing as saying it has an entirely happy ending. But it's not too bleak, either.

I wouldn't say to rush out and catch this movie in the theater, but if the premise interests you, it could be worth a rental somewhere down the line.

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