Saturday, December 29, 2012

Otis Spann - The Biggest Thing Since Colossus (1969)

I wasn't expecting this album to be anything spectacular. I'm a huge fan of Peter Green, and in my musical explorations (quite possibly during my period of research for my radio show) I discovered that he provided lead guitar duties on this album, backing up legendary blues pianist Otis Spann.

Now that I have the album in my hands, I see that it's not just Peter Green, but half of Fleetwood Mac (recalling that time The Yardbirds backed Sonny Boy Williamson), including Green's dueling partner Danny Kirwan, and half of the titular backing section - John McVie on bass.

The result is that this album sounds very much like an amalgam of classic blues and Green/Kirwan-era Fleetwood Mac, and indeed, there is a heavy flavor of the latter present on this album, which is actually quite awesome. I wouldn't say that any of it rivals Green Mac's best stuff, but it was definitely worth getting my hands on. I like it even better than that Memphis Slim album (Blue Memphis) that features Peter Green on lead guitar (the two parts don't quite come together as smoothly there as they do here).

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