Monday, August 8, 2016

A Joe Bonamassa Retrospective

So I've recently bought tickets to see Joe Bonamassa in concert (for my fourth time) in the spring, and I was thinking, with my recent work on documenting Joe's greatest hits, how remarkable it is that I could see this guy perform four times, and manage to be an even bigger fan each time, than I was the last time I saw him in concert. Between these greatest hits discs I'm working on, and having a nice long buildup to seeing him in concert in seven months, this seemed like a perfect opportunity for me to go back through his discography and listen to his albums in chronological order. It's true that, as big a fan as I am of Joe Bonamassa, I don't always review his albums as I pick them up right away (and I do usually pick them up right away). Anyway, I think it's better to wait and let them sink in, to acquire some context for them, before you really start to see how they stack up. Like, you could like an album the first time you listen to it, or it could take a few spins for you to really get into it, but it's only after a little bit of time has passed that you learn what your true feelings for an album are. So I'm excited to go back and review each of Joe's albums (to a point, at least - and maybe not all his live albums, since he puts out so many), in the context of his broader discography. I hope you'll be excited to join me!

💿💿💿 A New Day Yesterday (2001)
💿 So, It's Like That (2002)
💿💿 Blues Deluxe (2003)
💿💿 Had To Cry Today (2004)

💿💿💿 You & Me (2006)
💿 Sloe Gin (2007)
💿💿💿 Live From Nowhere In Particular (2008)
💿💿💿 The Ballad of John Henry (2009)
💿💿 Live From The Royal Albert Hall (2009)

💿 Black Rock (2010)
💿💿💿 Dust Bowl (2011)
💿💿 Beacon Theatre: Live From New York (2012)
💿💿💿 Driving Towards The Daylight (2012)
💿 An Acoustic Evening At The Vienna Opera House (2013)
💿💿💿 Tour de Force (2014)

Different Shades of Blue (2014)
Muddy Wolf At Red Rocks (2015)
Live At Radio City Music Hall (2015)
Blues of Desperation (2016)
Live At The Greek Theatre (2016)

Ratings Guide:
💿 - Rare Spin
💿💿 - Occasional Spin
💿💿💿 - Frequent Spin

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