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Special Events
Horrorfest (2006)
Horrorfest II (2007)
AMC's Fearfest (2008)
Horrorfest III (2009)
Horror Movies For Halloween (2009)
Halloween Movie Marathon (2010)
The Walking Dead
Emma Fever
Horrorfest IV (2010)
Dakota Delirium
Horror Realm Con (2011)
Movies I Watched This Halloween (2012)
WKBW Halloween Show 1973
Richard Tennant Cooper
Ode To The Slasher
6 Films To Keep You Awake
Alfred Hitchcock's Essentials
Catching up on The Walking Dead
Reopening The X-Files
Halloween 2017

Recurring Features
Annual Movie Releases (In Review) - 20102011201220132014
Music Haul - 2008200920102011

The Best Horror Movies of all Time!
My Favorite Movies
My Favorite Bands
10 Iconic Horror Films
10 Guitarists
Hypothetical Halloween Marathon
The Top 5 Greatest Songs of all Time

Legend (1985) and the Lure of Fantasy
Revisiting The Cabin in the Woods
Horror As Transgression
An Analytical Observation on The X-Files
Pity The Creator (A Rant)
What's in an X-File?
Rating The X-Files
To Believe or Not To Believe

Harry Potter Marathon
The Slumber Party Massacre Collection
The Dark Knight Trilogy
Batman Marathon
The Godfather Trilogy
Evil Dead Marathon
The Riddick Trilogy
Texas Chainsaw Massacre Marathon
Halloween Marathon
Friday the 13th Marathon
A Nightmare on Elm Street Marathon
Hellraiser Marathon
Invasions of the Body Snatchers
Terminator Marathon

Musical Features
Musical Discoveries
Ten Years After
When God Gets The Blues
Rockin' Out With Neil Young
3 Compilations
ZML^2 - Reinterpreting The Blues
It's Zeptember!
Courtney Love

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