Monday, July 6, 2015

The X-Files - S1:E9 "Space"

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Mulder and Scully sit in on the launch of a space shuttle, after receiving a tip that somebody may be trying to sabotage the mission. The primary suspect is a former astronaut who is haunted by the face on Mars. The effects are a little hokey, but still fairly creepy, and though I doubt this episode makes anybody's list of top favorites (unless you're an astronaut), it still manages to reach a pretty dramatic crescendo.

Memorable quotes:

Scully: Why would somebody want to sabotage a Space Shuttle?
Mulder: Well, if you're a terrorist, there probably isn't a more potent symbol of American progress and prosperity. And if you're an opponent of big science, NASA itself represents a vast money trench that exists outside the crucible and debate of the democratic process. And of course there are those futurists who believe the Space Shuttle is a rusty old bucket that should be mothballed - a dinosaur spacecraft built in the '70s by scientists setting their sights on space in an ever declining scale.
Scully: And we thought we could rest easy with the fall of the Soviet Union.
Mulder: Not to mention certain fringe elements who accuse our government itself of space sabotage. The failure of the Hubble telescope and the Mars Observer are directly connected to a conspiracy to deny us evidence.
Scully: Evidence of what?
Mulder: Alien civilizations.
Scully: Oh, of course.

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