Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The X-Files - S1:E14 "Gender Bender"

[ S1:E13 "Beyond The Sea" <<< Season 1 >>> S1:E15 "Lazarus" ]

A sexually preoccupied killer with the apparent ability to change sex at will starts picking off targets at a dance club, and Mulder traces the culprit back to an Amish-like religious cult in the woods of Massachusetts (which recalls for me M. Night Shyamalan's The Village, although that was released more than ten years later). After an episode like Beyond The Sea, it looks like we're in for another string of monster-of-the-week episodes. Still, every time I sit down to watch an episode that I'm not super-excited about, I'm always impressed with how absorbed I get into it. That's just how good this show is. This episode also features Nicholas Lea in a throwaway role, who will return to the series in a different (and much more important) role later on.

Memorable quotes:

Mulder: This guy's a walking aphrodisiac. He's the ultimate sex magnet.
Scully: He or she? You've got victims of both sexes. Both a man and a woman on the hotel security monitor.
Mulder: I know. That is a puzzle.
Scully: So what is our profile of the killer? Indeterminate height, weight, sex; unarmed, but extremely attractive.

Scully: I don't understand, how can they just disappear? They have no means of transportation.
Mulder: No earthly means of transportation.

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