Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Trials and Tribulations of Dana Katherine Scully

Spoiler Warning: Be advised, this post is one big, huge, enormous spoiler for The X-Files.

This is not happening!

This series really put Scully through the ringer. It was a great opportunity to let Gillian Anderson flaunt her acting chops - but when you think about all the trauma the writers put her through, it gets to be ridiculous once they all begin to stack up. And that's even excluding all of the usual dangers and weekly mortal peril that's all in a day's work for an FBI agent! Let us now recount the trials and tribulations of Dana Katherine Scully.

In the first season, Scully lost her father, but that was only the beginning. In season 2, she was kidnapped by a lunatic in order to be abducted by aliens, where tests were performed on her that left her in a coma that she barely survived. The ensuing psychological trauma from her ordeal impaired her ability to perform her job. Then her sister was shot by a bullet that was meant for her, and subsequently died in the hospital.

Scully later learned that her abduction was part of a government conspiracy to perform unsanctioned medical tests on innocent civilians. In the third season, she rekindled her faith in God, and had an opportunity to confront the assassin who shot her sister. But, come the fourth season, she contracted brain cancer as a long-term effect of the tests performed on her during her abduction, which also left her barren. She suffered from the physical and psychological effects of her terminal illness, nearly succumbing to the disease before making a miraculous deathbed recovery.

Then, in the fifth season, Scully learned that she had a daughter, created using her genetic material; but the girl was severely ill, and could not survive. As if this weren't enough, Scully's faith was tested once again, and then she was infected with an alien virus and taken aboard a spacecraft. Despite being barren, she later discovered that she was pregnant, just as the man she had fallen in love with disappeared. He was eventually found dead (though he got better).

In season 8, Scully began to fear that the baby she was carrying might be an alien hybrid, and then a small army of alien replicants hunted her down as she gave birth. The baby was human, but became the target of an alien prophecy by men who wanted to kill it in season 9. Ultimately, she came to the difficult decision to give the baby up for adoption for its own protection.

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