Saturday, October 24, 2015

The X-Files - S5:E16 "Mind's Eye"

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This is another standard freak-of-the-week episode with a cut-and-dry premise - what if a blind girl could see the mind's eye of a killer? When she turns up at the scene of the murder of a drug dealer, covered in blood, the police have no choice but to arrest her. But she's an unlikely suspect. It'll be up to Mulder to figure out whether she's really guilty, and how to exonerate her if she's not. In any case, she's very capable for a woman who's been blind since birth. It's always nice to get an episode where Mulder gets to put his investigative skills to work. I swear, he could drive a regular crime procedural even without the sci-fi accoutrements. I mean, his talent is uncanny - it's almost a psychic power in and of itself. Lili Taylor herself is great in this episode, and manages to be sympathetic even when she's being self-destructive, unlike the unlikable reluctant hero in Oubliette. And the final confrontation is fascinating in that it makes you think about what it would be like to face an adversary if you could only see from their perspective. All in all, it proves that even when The X-Files was just doing run-of-the-mill weekly episodes, it was still a captivating and entertaining show (and that's been true even going back to the first season).

Memorable quotes:

Marty Glenn: Oh, it's you.
Det. Pennock: See what I mean?
Marty Glenn: It's not magic, it's your crappy cologne.

Scully: Would you like me to remind you why polygraphs are inadmissible in court?

Marty Glenn: I'm watching you.

Det. Pennock: You know the thing I find most surprising about this case is you - you are one skeptical guy, Agent Mulder!
Mulder: Skeptical?
Det. Pennock: Oh, yeah.
Mulder: I've been called a lot of things - skeptical, however, is not one.
Det. Pennock: Well, whatever. (walks away)
Mulder (derisively): Skeptical...

Marty Glenn: I hate the way you see me.

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