Monday, August 17, 2015

The X-Files - S2:E21 "The Calusari"

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This episode makes a smooth transition from the last one, opening with a carnival scene, but which leads into a tragic and fatal accident - as if to say, this is what The X-Files is about, not last week's comedy troupe. Though whether or not it truly was an accident is up to Mulder and Scully to determine - the presence of a young witness (Joel Palmer) with a cold demeanor and a deadly stare inevitably conjures up images of The Omen (and memories of last season's version of the bad seed, Eve). To its credit, the plot - which involves Romanian superstitions - doesn't develop too predictably.

Memorable quotes:

Mulder: You see this is a helium balloon, here, and the one thing I did learn in kindergarten, is when you let them go they float up, up and away. But you see this is moving away from him, horizontally.
Scully: Did you learn about wind in kindergarten?

(Oh my god, yes! This is how you do humor in an X-Files episode).

The Calusari: The evil that is here has always been. It has gone by different names through history: Cain, Lucifer, Hitler. It does not care if it kills one boy, or a million men. If you try to stop us, the blood will be on your hands.

Mrs. Holvey: Evil follows evil. Once someone suffers a misfortune, they'll always have bad luck.

Mulder: I am disturbed by the warnings of the Calusari; that neither innocence nor vigilance may be protection against the howling heart of evil.

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