Monday, November 25, 2013

Breeders (1997)

Breeders (a.k.a. Deadly Instinct) is a sleazy, sorely-dated sci-fi/horror flick from the late '90s. The plot is simple - a meteor crash lands near a Boston college, releasing an extraterrestrial beast into the tunnels underneath the city. The main characters are a libidinous janitor and teacher, two of the sexy coeds they conspire to seduce, the jealous female principal, a burly detective, and a mysterious woman from space.

The occasional nudity is much appreciated (I'm a sucker for a good locker room scene), even if the characters are not all that likable. Other than that, it's a pretty tedious and uninspiring derivative of greater sources such as Alien and Duke Nukem (without being half as twisted as your typical Japanese hentai about alien monsters who want to breed with Earth women). As such, it's hardly worth the few cheap thrills it has to offer. Even the space vixen in her requisite skimpy leather outfit leaves much to be desired.

The only saving grace is an excellent monster design, which is presented smartly throughout the movie, keeping it mostly shrouded in darkness, showing only bits at a time - enough to give the audience something to fear and admire, but not so much as to reveal its technical flaws (for the most part). It's a shame that it was wasted on such a lackluster movie as this, though, especially considering the wasted potential of its premise.

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