Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Rocky Horror Picture Show [Soundtrack] (1975)

Only just a few months ago I finally introduced myself to the cult sensation that is The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I like to conceptualize it as a rock opera (perhaps because I like rock operas far more than I like musicals), but as a friend remarked to me, it's a much better experience watching the film (even without the audience participation) than just listening to the soundtrack. Still, the quality of the songs are pretty good for a musical, and I'm happy to have them on CD/mp3 for the occasional reminder of how much fun the Rocky Horror Show is, and to be able to refer to them in the future for various potential purposes. I'm disappointed, however, that the Sword of Damocles song that Rocky sings as soon as he life isn't included on the soundtrack - I kind of liked that song. Maybe I should have got the more recent version of the soundtrack, although judging from the reviews, despite how comprehensive it's supposed to be, it still suffers from a few small but frustrating flaws.

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