Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Walking Dead: Season 2 Episode 6 (Secrets)

Spoiler Warning!

It looks like things are finally coming to a head on the farm, as the secrets fly in episode 6 of The Walking Dead's second season. My respect for Glenn is increasing - he's always been a likable character, but now he really seems to be coming into his own. I can really relate to the way Maggie sees him - as an intelligent guy who has a good sense for what the 'right' thing to do is (for example, his advice to Lori - he refrained from trying to make her decision for him, like Dale did, but stressed the importance of consulting Rick first before choosing), but is too soft-spoken to actually step up and put his opinions across to the rest of the group. Yes, he gave away two big secrets in this episode, but they're the type of secrets that shouldn't have been kept in the first place.

"I suck at lying. I can't even play poker, it's too much like lying!"

Dale was at least clever about bringing up the issue with the barn full of walkers to Hershel, in a way that didn't implement Glenn (although I think Hershel may have picked up on that anyway, given the attention Maggie's been giving him). The explanation for that barn full of walkers turns to make a whole lot more sense than the wild theories I originally had - Hershel's just too darn sentimental, and thinks the walkers are still people, and should be treated with respect. He almost has a point, except that Maggie's close call in the pharmacy demonstrates just exactly why the walkers are so dangerous and must be treated as foes and not simply sick friends.

If anything, though Hershel is still intent on kicking out the group (and getting eager now that Carl is in good condition), he seems to at least partially be warming up, at least in allowing his people to attend Rick and Shane's shooting practice. I'm glad Carl's parents are allowing him to learn how to shoot. Lori's arguments are heartfelt, but it's the hard truth that they're living in a dangerous world, and Carl's better off knowing how to use a gun safely - at least he's got well-trained instructors in his sheriff dad and partner.

And on the gun front, it turns out Andrea is a natural. She had some trouble with the moving targets at first, but after a single live trial, she's taken to it like a fish to water. The look in her eyes, I fully believe she's found her new reason to live - to kill as many walkers as possible. But though I respect her for that, I fear having another ultra-cocky member of the group, like Shane. After all, her eagerness to kill walkers almost got Daryl killed! And Shane, well damn, his threatening Dale was fierce and scary. Dale's obviously jealous that Andrea's beginning to like Shane more and more. I don't think Shane will act rashly unless he's pushed into a corner, but this does not bode well for the cohesion of the group.

But thank god, Lori has finally come clean with Rick. About her being pregnant, and her time with Shane when she thought Rick was dead. Although the ending cut out a little quick, before we could tell that Rick understands and forgives her for that (like I think he should), as much as he seems to want to. The decision about Lori's baby-to-be, though, should definitely have been discussed with Rick. I don't care what your motivations or rationalizations are - that's a 'together' decision. It may be a hard decision, but it's one you endure together. And Lori has a lot of nerve to berate Rick for not telling her that Hershel expects them to leave the farm, when she has been keeping so much from him.

But as for the baby's prospects, indeed they look dim; but hard though life may sometimes be, it's not true that there can be no joy found, even in a post-apocalyptic world infested with cannibalistic corpses. If anything, a child born in such a world won't have anything better to compare it to, and while s/he won't have those good times to look back on, s/he may be more quick to come to terms with the world as it is, and have a better perspective on it, and how to be happy in it, not knowing anything else. However, it's true that survival will be tougher with a baby to take of, and for that, the group would fare much better if they could wrangle a deal with Hershel to stay at the farm. I've become kind of intimidated by Hershel, but maybe he's open to a compromise after all.

I just wonder what's going to happen when Shane finds out about Lori's pregnancy. She's convinced that the baby's Rick's, but I'm not sure I believe her. And whether she's right or wrong, as long as there's a possibility that it's Shane's, I have no doubt that he'll stop at nothing to see that that baby is safe. Nothing, even if it means the destruction of the rest of the group. I'm anticipating some real shit hitting the fan very soon.

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