Thursday, January 6, 2011

Earthless - Live At Roadburn (2008)

Earthless is unique, in my listening experience. What they play is solid rock n roll, but with something of a jazz philosophy - long instrumental passages that weave in and out and generally just keep on chugging along forever. I've heard that they're much better live, and I'm sure they must be seen in person to get the full effect - their format seems made for it. Live At Roadburn is 90 minutes of nonstop rock energy, split across two discs. There aren't even any breaks between songs; I have no idea where one begins and another ends (except between the discs). Although their songs are long to begin with - only four titles are given on the packaging. It's surprising that even after 90 minutes, the music doesn't begin to feel repetitive. It must be a real workout for the performers - a traditional bare bones power trio. This band is essentially the modern equivalent of what Cream was doing back in the 60s with their extended instrumental jams. Give them a listen sometime, I recommend it!

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