Sunday, November 18, 2007

Lake Dead (2007)

Note: This review is part of my coverage of Horrorfest II.

Lake Dead

This film was entertaining. Not great, but entertaining. Certainly better than Unearthed. I'd call it something of a cross between Friday The 13th (slasher set in the woods/camping) and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (messed up family that preys on the unlucky who stumble into their web) - or any other film that does the inbred family horror shtick. As a slasher, it delivers on the sex, drugs, and the violence. The victims were your typical modern hotshot teens, and the killers were your typical messed-up inbred family. Though, if you ask them, they'll tell you that their blood is "pure". Apparently, nobody in that family ever passed genetics.

Well, it turns out the one that got away from the family had a couple daughters, and now, with the death of the grandfather, those daughters have inherited the family motel. They bring a handful of friends up for a weekend of camping to decide what to do with it (expecting to decide upon selling it), but instead, they get a crash course in genealogy. Mama has no intention of giving up the motel, and furthermore, she needs those daughters to continue the family line, to keep it "pure". All she's got left at the moment is the "Bruiser Brothers" (as I like to call them), Cain and Abel, and the slightly more human (at least in appearance) self-serving sheriff. The daughters are captured for breeding, and their friends are killed off until they manage to fight back and thin out the branches of the family tree.

Pretty straightforward. As I said, not great, but entertaining. I found it curious, for whatever reason, that although the sisters looked similar, both being blonde, they were clearly not natural blondes. I guess their dying habits run in the family. (oooh)

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